20 July 2016

GSBA Notices

Dear Colleagues Just a short note to update you on the following: GSBA Day at the Galway Races – tickets are selling out fast for...
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13 July 2016

CPD dates for your diary 2016

Dear Colleagues You might pencil the following dates in to your diary for the second half of our 2016 CPD schedule. 30th September 2016 –...
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12 July 2016

Annual GSBA membership fee

Dear Colleagues As we are now halfway through our CPD seminars for 2016, we would be obliged if you could furnish payment of our annual...
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17 June 2016

Next Friday CPD

Dear Colleagues Please see details of our next CPD. Friday 24th June 2016 2pm Galway Courthouse  2 hour General & 1 hour Regulatory Elizabeth Corcoran...
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01 May 2016

Dates for your CPD diary

Hi All Due to very hectic scheduling demands, please see below details so far of the next three CPD seminars Friday 20th May 2016 2pm...
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