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14 June 2024

Call for Solicitors and Barristers to work with LawEd

Dear Colleagues,

Kate Fleming, Solicitor and Founder/Director of LawEd has been in touch. LawEd is a legal literacy service provider. Their website can be viewed here.

They provide workshops onsite, virtual and eLearning courses predominantly to todays young persons. These workshops are facilitated in primary schools, secondary schools, Youthreach, Further Education and to the Corporate Wellbeing market throughout Ireland.

Due to growth, LawEd are looking for another facilitator to come onboard from the West of Ireland. This is a paid role on a consultancy basis, with LawEd looking after all administration, slides and content for the talks. Your role will be to familiarise yourself with the content and deliver it.

LawEd currently have 7 facilitators who are either qualified Solicitors or Barristers and who love the delivery of interactive workshops to todays young persons.

If anyone is interested in this rewarding and flexible role, please contact