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18 February 2019

GSBA Subscriptions and Supreme Court Function

Dear colleagues,

The GSBA committee are in the process of arranging the first of our CPD seminars for the year and you can expect to receive a notice to this effect shortly. In the meantime can all practitioners who wish to attend the seminars and indeed continue to receive regular information and updates through the GSBA website please ensure that your annual subscription of €50.00 is discharged.

Payment for all subscriptions should be sent to our Treasurer, Caribre O’Donnell of c/o John C. O’Donnell & Sons, First Floor, 15 Mary Street, Galway and in you must clearly mark/indicate the name of all subscribers for whom payment is made.

You will also be aware that the Supreme Court function is scheduled for the 4 March, 2019 next. Please note that tickets are limited and should be purchased through the following link

Tickets will be offered for sale to practitioners outside Galway next week and therefore I would strongly urge those that wish to attend to purchase their ticket this week.