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30 April 2023

Clarification regarding CPD requirements for 2023

Dear Colleagues,

The Regulations were due to change this year requiring 25 hours CPD and the categories were due to change to include categories such as well being. This will now not come into effect this year. The CPD scheme will therefore be the same as last year. Click here to access full details of the Law Society 2023 cycle.

  • 20 hours total is required including:
    • A minimum of 3 hours of management and professional development skills; and
    • A minimum of 2 hours of regulatory matters.
  • If a practitioner fulfils the role of sole practitioner, compliance partner and/or anti-money laundering compliance partner however, the regulatory matters requirement is 3 hours, to include 2 hours accounting and anti-money laundering compliance.
  • A minimum of 5 hours must be undertaken in-person, with the balance permitted to be undertaken online.
  • There is a maximum limit of 7 hours CPD which may be completed within a single day.