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19 February 2024

Interview – legal professionals with experience in the assessment of decision-making capacity

Dear Colleagues,

Please see below, email received from Lorna Gurren, PhD Student, which may be of interest to you:


Dear Galway Solicitors Bar Association,


My name is Lorna Gurren, and I am contacting you as I am completing research in the area of decision-making capacity. I am a second year PhD track student in Psychology in Dublin City University. I am completing research aiming to develop a practice guideline for clinicians for completing decision-making capacity assessments with brain cancer cohorts under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Fitzgerald, Dr. Lorraine Boran, and Dr. Louise Hopper (Assistant and Associate Professors of Psychology in Dublin City University). Given the timeliness of decision-making capacity under the new Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act 2015 and related Amendment Bill (2022), and the high prevalence of cognitive and decision-making impairment among those with brain cancer, the project aims to provide much needed guidance for clinicians in this space.

I am emailing you as I am aiming to interview legal professionals including solicitors practicing in the Republic of Ireland with experience in the assessment of decision-making capacity or in the creation of advance health care directives and the appointment of medical representatives for patients, or those with experience with the wards of court system. Questions would pertain to legal professional’s perceptions and experiences of assessing decision-making capacity and issues of legal capacity among patients with brain cancer or from other clinical populations e.g., dementia. Please note that all legal professionals are eligible to participate, and specific experience working with people with brain cancer per se is not required. No identifying information relating to legal professionals would be published meaning that their participation would be anonymous.

Participation would entail attendance at 1 qualitative interview lasting approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration. The interview would take place remotely via zoom. A time and date of convenience for participants would be selected for the interview.



If any solicitors would be interested in participating or discussing further, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at orby phone at 0851728811.

My PhD research is funded by the Irish Research Council.


Lorna Gurren


PhD Student in Psychology


Irish Research Council Postgraduate Research Scholar



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