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30 January 2024

Deadline for Renewal of Practising Certificates is Thursday 1 February 2024

Dear Colleagues,

A reminder to all Practitioners to apply for their 2024 Practising Certificates before 1 February 2024. Please click here for PC Forms and Information. Please click here to view ezine article on PC Renewal for 2024.

Any solicitor applying at this stage should pay for their PC with debit or credit card. An application is only considered complete once the form and payment have been submitted, and an EFT payment may take up to 3 days to be received by the Society’s bank, thereby missing the deadline. If you wish to double-check that your application has been properly submitted, you can check your application status on your ‘dashboard’ on the Society’s website.

Any applications for practising certificates that are received after 1 February 2024 will result in the practising certificate being dated the date of actual receipt by the Registrar of Solicitors, rather than 1 January 2024 and an application to the President of the High Court will be necessary in order to have it backdated to 1 January 2024.