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04 January 2017

Conference in Galway on “Conveyancing and Title Registration” 7/8 April 2017

Dear Colleagues,

please see details below of the forthcoming International Conference  “The Future is Now! eConveyancing and Title Registration” in The Galway Bay Hotel, Galway, on Friday 7th and Saturday  8th April, 2017.


Electronic conveyancing or eConveyancing is heralded as the future for conveyancing and title registration of land and property in many countries throughout the world. eConveyancing envisages paperless transactions through all stages of the conveyancing process from pre-sale to post-completion in the buying and selling transaction. It is designed to simplify, cheapen and speed up the conveyancing process. eConveyancing promises great benefits but also brings challenges for the current paper-bound conveyancing process, particularly in common law countries. The conference will address important issues in eConveyancing and title registration, such as the objectives of land registration systems, indefeasibility of title, security of property rights, risk, fraud, equitable rights and other key issues. How do we reconcile the equitable property rights that currently exist ‘off title’ with the new, all-encompassing electronic title register? How do we deal with risk, fraud, indefeasibility of title and other important issues for conveyancing in this new electronic environment? Can eConveyancing benefit from Blockchain Technology?


The expansion and financialisation of home ownership, globally, raises important questions on the way housing as ‘home’, and housing as property, will be treated within eConveyancing and eRegistration systems.

These are some of the issues to be examined in this two-day event.


The main objective is to inform and challenge current thinking in this dynamic arena of property law, including comparing juridicial and jurisdictional experiences. The conference is open to all, and is of particular interest to those who are involved in property law, conveyancing, policy and law-makers, academics, researchers, students and practitioners. It will bring together an unprecedented and dynamic platform of speakers drawn from legal and academic spheres at both national, European and international level.


Details are here


The Conference will be chaired on Friday 7th April by the Hon. Miss Justice Mary Laffoy of the Supreme Court and on Saturday 8th April by the Hon. Mr. Justice Michael Peart of the Court of Appeal. There


Registration is now open.


Best wishes





Dr. Padraic Kenna

School of Law,
College of Business, Public Policy and Law,
National University of Ireland, Galway.

Tel: (00353) 91 493230

Centre for Housing Law, Rights and Policy


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