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17 September 2020

Circuit Court Sittings – October

Dear Collegues,

Please see below message from Court Services about Circuit Court sittings this term and the attachment showing where the Court is sitting on each date.

Please pay careful attention to the location of the Court at each sitting.

Also please can your clients attend court alone in so far as possible.  If witnesses or support people are required in a case please ask them to wait outside.  The corridor downstairs only has space for 8 people which is usually taken up by Gardai and legal practitioners.

For all of our safety we need to keep numbers inside the courthouse down. As the weather worsens this will be an issue will have to deal with but for now if everyone could wait outside.

Kind regards,

John Martin


Just to update ye on the current situation with Circuit Courts for Michaelmas term.

We are calling the first of our juries to Leisureland on 28th September.  We will have Videolink between the courtroom and where the Jury are waiting in Leisureland.  The Judge will remain in the courthouse.  The first 15 potential jurors  will be called and transported from Leisureland to the Courthouse.  While they are being transported in we will have another 15 called and ready to go in the event of 12 not being selected from the first 15.  At the moment we anticipate we will be selecting two juries from the panel.  Once empanelled they will be told when to return for the commencement of the trial.  Court 3 is now going to be the Jury deliberation room.

As Court 3 is not available for this term,  I attach a schedule of where the Civil and Family Circuit courts will be held between now and Christmas.  We do not have capacity to have these sittings in the Court house in Galway.

Thank you both for your assistance as always.


20200917 Civil & Family Oct to Dec 2020