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18 May 2020

[Webinar Update] Getting Back To Work in The “New Normal”

See below next webinar from Flor McCarthy

I hope you are well and had a good weekend.
Just a heads up on our next webinar, which will be on Friday, 29 May at 1pm entitled:
Getting Back To Work In The “New Normal”
What Do You Need To Do To Prepare To Open The Doors Again?
This strikes us as by far the most pressing topic facing all of us as practitioners at present: when and how can we get our businesses moving again safely? So we are doing to devote the entire next webinar to this important subject.
Because there is a LOT to get done.
First of all, you can register for the webinar here.
Secondly, we’re going to need your help in putting this one together.
We’ve been working through the Return to Work Safely Protocal issued by the Government, it’s here. The PDF of the Protocol is here.
Presumably you’ll have been doing the same, but if not, this is something you need to get working on asap.
What I’ve done is converted the Protocol to a Word document and then used the relevant parts of it to start my Covid-19 Response Plan (you’ll need one of these to comply with the Protocol). I’m not suggesting this is the right or only way to do this, but it struck me as the simplest way to get started. If that would be useful for you, I’ve saved a Word version of the Protocol here that you can cut and paste from as you need.
So, what we need you to do is to start working on implementation of the Protocol in your firm and start putting together your Covid-19 Response Plan. If you encounter questions or issues as you do so, please let us know and we’ll use any responses we receive to inform the content of our Getting Back to Work Webinar.
We won’t be able to get into individual correspodence on specific queries or on how you prepare your plan, but we will use every bit of feedback that we get to create the content for the next session so that in answering your queries we might hope to help all of our colleagues.
Ok, so that’s quite a bit of additional work for you for a Monday morning… Sorry! 🙂
But it’s important work that you are going to have to do anyway in order to get those doors open again safely as soon as possible. So let’s get stuck into it together and if you encounter issues or have questions as you go along, let us know and we’ll aim to answer these on our next webinar on 29 May.
The link again to register is here.
I look forward to seeing you on the call. And best of luck in putting togehter your Covid-19 Response Plan in the meantime, let us know how you are getting on with that.
Have a great week!
Kind regards,
P.S. We are trying to get the word out to as many as possible who may not have been on these webinars previousl, therefore if there is anyone you know that doesn’t get these emails, please the link above with them.
If there are others in your firm or local community who would like to get access, please give them the link. You can just forward this email to them or you can cut and paste this link: in a separate email.
If you are in a Bar Association Secretary, please feel free to send this link to all of your members if they wish to get access to what is proving to be a really great series of community events and earn an hour of online CPD for free in the process.

Flor McCarthy
Managing Partner
McCarthy + Co. LLP