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16 March 2020

Update re Courts

Dear Colleagues,

Please see below update fro the Court Office re Court sittings.

Kind regards,

John Martin

Circuit Court
For Civil cases, Family law, all Motions lists, and County registrar lists, there is NO NEED for parties or lawyers to attend. However, judges will be available for urgent applications or if there are contested adjournments. Lawyers will need to attend in these circumstances. Lists will be staggered and the necessity for social distancing will be respected.
A party wishing to make a case that a matter is urgent, should firstly contact the court registrar. All family law lists will be adjourned to a date after 20th April 2020.  Parties to be advised of the adjourned dates by the Circuit Court offices. A Judge will be available to sit on each Circuit to hear urgent applications. Applications for urgent matters should be made to the Family Circuit Court office. Practitioners do not need to attend the Family Circuit Court unless notified by order of the Court.

District Court
The District Court will continue to hear urgent matters only, as defined in the Courts Service Notice of last Friday, 13 March 2020. Parties with non-urgent cases are no longer required to attend court.
District Court Civil matters will be considered to be non-urgent and will be adjourned. A party that wishes to make a case that a matter is urgent can email the relevant court office setting out the reasons why the matter is urgent.
This correspondence should be on notice to the other side.

        Co. Registrar Courts in Galway

Motions List on March 23rd will be adjourned to Monday May 25th .

Repossessions List on March 24th will be adjourned to Wednesday  June 24th .

The Case Progs lists will be adjourned to a date to be agreed in May or June.

Pattie Mulkerrin
Galway Court Office
091 511511