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14 July 2022

Research Request

Dear Colleagues,

Please see below a request for colleagues to participate in research currently being conducted.

Kind regards,

John Martin


Dear Mr. Martin

I am conducting a piece of research associated with well-being in the legal profession, specifically to do with the impact and mitigation factors of vicarious trauma in solicitors and barristers working in human rights, family and criminal law.

I am seeking the opportunity to access the Galway Bar Association’s network to invite relevant professionals to participate in the study.

I’m attaching a summary of my research with a short biog. This summary, along with a letter of introduction from His Honourable Judge Daly, is being considered by the Criminal Law Committee and the Criminal State Bar Committee, who have agreed to facilitate the research by way of circulation to their membership.

Ali Curran

Organisational Consultant

20220714 Biog & Research Summary Updated June 14th 2022