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24 March 2020

Refunds of Stamp Duty

Dear Colleagues,

Please see below notice from Pattie Mulkerrin in relation to the refunds of stamp duty.

Kind regards,

John Martin

Refund of Special Exemption Orders for Events Cancelled due to Coronavirus COVID-19

Applications for refund of Special Exemption Orders for events cancelled due to Coronavirus COVID-19 will be accepted for any events cancelled between 13th March 2020 and 29th March 2020.
Documentation to be provided to apply for a refund
·        Completed Fee Refund form
·        A copy of the licence granted in court confirming the stamp paid, and a licence date between 13th March 2020 & 29th March 2020
The date ranges for refunds due to cancellation of events will be kept under review and in line with any further Government announcements.

Pattie Mulkerrin
Galway Court Office
091 511511