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02 October 2018

NUI Galway – Career Development

Dear colleagues,

Please see flyer for last weeks law week in NUI Galway together with a letter from the GSBA attached for your attention. We have spoken with several people in the University including the Head of the Law School and have been asked to communicate to the GSBA that the school of law greatly value and appreciate the connection with Galway based firms and that that they hope to work more closely with the GSBA in the future.

Having aired our views to the organisers of the careers event and the Law School the GSBA were subsequently invited to attend the law firm panel discussion and to attend the careers fair but the GSBA committee was of the view that insufficient notice was given to adequately prepare for such an event. We do expect to receive an invitation next year and will ensure that the GSBA is well represented.

Please let me know if you have any queries in this regard.

Law Fair Poster – final

Careers Event – 18 09 18