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11 January 2022

List to Fix Dates 21st January 2022

Dear Colleagues,

Please see below notice from the Court Office.

Kind regards,

John Martin


Please note that the list to fix dates at Galway Circuit Court 21/01/2022 will not be going ahead.
All cases will remain on the list and be called on the day but the list will be mass adjourned to Friday April 1st 2022 to fix dates. Defts or their representatives are not required to attend for callover.

Any case that will be arraigned, bail variation or sentenced on that day or indeed any day in the next two weeks will remain on the list and dealt with in the normal way.

Defts are not required to attend on 18/01 on the New Mentions list either.

As of now DCA’s are carrying on as normal.

Susan Mahon,
Galway Courts Office.