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25 March 2021

Free use of

Dear Colleague,

Our members have been offered the opportunity of unlimited use of the LawOnline legal document drafting service at no cost or any commitment up to 30th May.

LawOnline enables online drafting of highly bespoke legal documents and its library includes a total of over 180 smart document drafting processes across both Personal and Business law areas. To avail of the service:

  1. Go to;
  2. Select either ‘Personal’ or ‘Business’ in top banner;
  3. Select any document;
  4. Add to basket (‘Digital Only’ service);
  5. Submit voucher code ‘SOLICITOR’ on Basket page;
  6. Proceed to checkout;
  7. Register (first use only).

The normal subscription cost for unlimited access to all documents is €49/month (ex. VAT). See also attached PDF for more details of the service.

Kind regards,

John Martin