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29 May 2020

District Court Procedures

Dear Colleagues,

Further to meeting with judges, court staff and the gardai, please note the following for the District Court in Galway

1. Online Family call over

Please note that the next Family Law online call over will be held at 3.30pm on Wednesday the 3rd June.

2. Special Court adjourned list – Civil

Currently all civil cases that were set for hearing in the last specials list stand adjourned. These are not currently being given hearing dates. There are Special Courts scheduled for October and December. Hopefully we will be able to put civil matters into these if there is any further relaxing of conditions. I will update you once we have confirmation on this.

In the meantime, please notify the Court if any of these have settled. These can be entered to be ruled, and will be given a date on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

3. Consent applications and Infant Rulings

Consent applications and infant rulings can be entered on the third Thursday of each month for ruling.

4. Vacation sittings

The vacation sittings in August have been moved from each Tuesday to each Monday during the month of August. I am still awaiting clarification on what is happening with matters that were put into Tuesday the 4th August, as the preceding Monday is the August bank holiday.

5. Special hearing dates on the fourth Thursday of each month

In order to keep moving through the backlog of criminal cases, please note that Galway District Court will sit on the 4th Thursday of each month for June and July (the 25th June and 23rd July respectivley.) It is hoped that a number of criminal matters ready for hearing will be listed for those days.

Clifden District Court will still sit on these days.

6. Public attendance in Court

Please note that clients are only to attend in line with the practice directions from the President of the District Court. It was noted that there are still a number of members of the public who are attending when they shouldn’t be. New one way systems for each Court will be put into effect next week. More signage and markings will hopefully be put in place by Court services shortly. Please follow the directions of Court staff and gardai in relation to these new systems.

I hope the above clarifies some of your queries, and address some of your issues.

Kind regards,

John Martin