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19 September 2018

Direction from the County Registrar

Dear colleagues,

Please see direction below from the County Registrar regarding today’s call over lists:-

  • No Application is to be made on any case unless the file is in Court.
  • Practitioners are to try and ensure that matters in the Motion Courts are ready to proceed to avoid frequent adjournments.
  • Any case which has been listed at a call-over on two occasions or more and not proceeded with will be struck out with liberty to re-enter, similarly any case adjourned back into the call over list on the allocated hearing date and still not ready to proceed will be struck out with liberty to re-enter. The call over is a list to fix dates and adjournments will not be granted.

Call-over lists are to fix dates only.  Adjournments should not subsequently be sought except in exceptional circumstances. Please note the dates on the court calendar for Civil and Family hearings. Seek to agree with your colleagues and with Counsel, suitable hearing dates for all cases which will be listed in the call-over. This is to ensure that court lists are dealt with in an efficient manner and that Judicial time is utilised in the most effective manner possible. There is no benefit to having long lists in which cases are not proceeding to hearing.