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04 April 2019

Court Users Meeting – 29.03.19

Dear collegaues,

You will be aware that a court users meeting to place on the 29.03.19 last.

Please see a note of relevant issues that were discussed below:-

  1. There will be a new E-Licensing system introduced over the summer months. Essentially all licensing applications will be done on-line including special exemptions etc. Once done on-line then it will be the court services who will serve the Gardai. Obviously this is of benefit to practitioners insofar as declarations of service will no longer be required. It is not running yet but eh Court Manager has agreed to give a presentation to the GSBA members on this matter at the seminar scheduled for the 18.04.19 next.
  2. For practitioners wishing to serve EU documents outside of the jurisdiction then the application for permission to do so is now centralised in Castlebar Circuit Court office.
  3. In respect of mediation and family law disputes facilities will be provided in the courthouse for these mediations to take place.
  4. As regards courthouse security the court services will circulate the code number to the bar room which must be used at all times in the future.
  5. The court office in Galway has requested that all practitioners actually look up the GSPA websites for notification of change of court dates and listings etc.  At present they are inundated with calls from practitioners asking for dates for call overs when it is really a simple matter of looking up the GSPA website or indeed the courts website.   This is in particular in regard to court dates and also  dates for court where  pension order adjustments are sought as sometimes those courts are changed.  The courts service in Galway advise that they always notify the GSPA and it would really be a simple matter for practitioners to actually read the e-mail.    Likewise the court office is inundated with calls regarding fees payable on various applications and all of this is available from the courts website.
  1. The court services will request that practitioners in court do not use Clerks name when addressing the judge for example  “X told me that I could lodge the application etc. “  This is a personal matter that they would prefer if their names were not used in that regard.
  2. The courts services have requested that all practitioners use their phones with discretion in courts and refrain from drinking coffee openly while in court or other drinks. The reason for this is simply that the Gardai policing the public in court in compliance with the direction of the Chief Justice regarding the use of mobile phones are having difficulty as members of the public are commenting that the Solicitors are on phones etc. Likewise  the Gardai policing the public in court are trying to stop the public from consuming coffee, tea and other beverages in Court and it would assist if practitioners would do likewise.